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Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
What is in the Air? by Terry Beaudoin Topic: Veterinary Health
A better question for us to ask might be: What is in the air our companion birds breathe once they are living in our homes? The understanding of companion birds specific physiological needs and the affect captivity has on them has been gradually improving as they have been with us in our homes for...
Published: Tuesday 22 February, 2005
Sex And The Psittacine by Shari Beaudoin Topic: Veterinary Health
"My bird loves me, but hates my husband." OR "She is so cute she loves to snuggle with me and will lay there for hours while I pet her." OR "Her favorite thing is to sneak under the pillows or the blanket, then she comes out to show me all of her pretty feathers and actually tries to feed (regurgita...
Published: Saturday 30 October, 2004
The Basics of Feather Picking by Dr. Tammy Jenkins, DVM Topic: Veterinary Health
Feather picking is a problem that has plagued and intrigued me for the last ten years. I wanted to speak about it because I wanted you to know that we can help many- perhaps 70% - of the birds that feather pick, but the journey is sometimes frustrating, time consuming, and expensive.
Published: Monday 02 August, 2004
Why a Good Bird Vet is Hard to Find by Terry Beaudoin Topic: Veterinary Health
Why are there so few really qualified avian veterinarians? While Sally Blanchard was here for her second Parrot Island sponsored seminar she once again mentioned how lucky we are in the Twin Cities area to have several decent avian veterinarians. In fact, and I will not mention names as this article...
Published: Tuesday 22 June, 2004
The Complexities of Feather Destructive Behavior by Sally Blanchard Topic: Veterinary Health
During consultations and seminars, I am often asked to provide a solution for feather plucking problems in companion parrots. I can share helpful information but absolute solutions are usually difficult. Parrots rarely indulge in feather destructive behavior for just one reason. There are probably a...
Published: Tuesday 22 June, 2004
New Developments in Avian Medicine by Dr. Tammy Jenkins, DVM Topic: Veterinary Health
Psittacine birds (Parrots) are susceptible to a large number of contagious diseases. Most of these diseases are potentially fatal, and at best account for bouts of illness in affected birds. Up to this point we have controlled the spread of disease by limiting the exposure of birds to one another. H...
Published: Tuesday 22 June, 2004
The Necessity of Full-Spectrum Lighting by Terry Beaudoin Topic: Veterinary Health
For upwards of 30 years aviculturists, breeders, and avian veterinarians have recognized the benefits of using specialized lighting over birds that are native to areas of the world that receive huge amounts of the most undiluted sunlight to reach the earth.
Published: Tuesday 22 June, 2004
Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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