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Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
Defying The Myth of The Unmanageable Sexually Mature Male Amazon by Shari Beaudoin Topic: Behavioral
Lt. Columbo, my male Double Yellow-headed Amazon, Amazona ochrocephala oratrix, is the perfect myth buster when it comes to discussions regarding unmanageable, sexually mature, male Amazons or what I call "THE USMMA". Many people are of the belief that all or most sexually mature male Amazon parrots...
Published: Wednesday 08 February, 2006
Sex And The Psittacine by Shari Beaudoin Topic: Behavioral
"My bird loves me, but hates my husband." OR "She is so cute she loves to snuggle with me and will lay there for hours while I pet her." OR "Her favorite thing is to sneak under the pillows or the blanket, then she comes out to show me all of her pretty feathers and actually tries to feed (regurgita...
Published: Saturday 30 October, 2004
If Columbo Can Do It, So Can Scooter (or, Scooter See, Scooter D by Shari Beaudoin Topic: Behavioral
Anyone who has spent time at Parrot Island has witnessed one of Lt. Columbo's "moments to shine." In a previous article titled Parrots and Noise I discussed the trick training we have done with Columbo in order to control noise. Columbo has learned that he will get a lot of positive response from us...
Published: Tuesday 22 June, 2004
One Method of Introducing New Things by Terry Beaudoin Topic: Behavioral
"My bird is afraid of anything new!" "I tried giving my bird a new toy and he hates it!" - or the much dreaded version of this statement - "Remember that really expensive toy you recommended, well my bird hates (or is terrified) of it." Or, "I tried offering my bird (insert food of choice here) and ...
Published: Tuesday 22 June, 2004
Ambient Learning and Birds by Micki Coatsworth Topic: Behavioral
Most of us are familiar with the concept of "patterned learning" for training purposes. Take your bird to a neutral room & practice; step ups and downs, several times a week. This ensures continual compliance to our commands and flock leadership.
Published: Tuesday 22 June, 2004
Parrots and Noise by Shari Beaudoin Topic: Behavioral
Parrot noise and screaming is one of the main behavior issues we discuss regularly with our customers. Lt. Columbo, my Double Yellow Headed Amazon, for instance is certain that when I am on the phone or talking with someone else I have forgotten he exists. Screaming must be the answer. Isn't it?
Published: Tuesday 22 June, 2004
Can That Bird Talk? by Shari Beaudoin Topic: Behavioral
Certainly some of the most commonly asked questions from novice and perspective bird owners are in regards to a bird's speech potential. Unfortunately talking ability is one of the driving reasons for people to want a parrot. We receive calls regularly from people with little to no bird experience w...
Published: Tuesday 22 June, 2004
The Importance of The Cage Territory by Sally Blanchard Topic: Behavioral
In the wild, parrots can be quite territorial during breeding season, establishing well-defined boundaries that they defend with their mate or flock against intrusion. Just as the wild parrot established its territories, a caged bird instinctively establishes its territory in the cage and/or househo...
Published: Tuesday 22 June, 2004
Checking the "Status Quo" by Shari Beaudoin Topic: Behavioral
The topic that Sally Blanchard discussed during her April 9, 2000 seminar, sponsored by Parrot Island was her analogy of the "status quo". What she meant was that every day parrots are constantly making sure that everything is the same. Why they do this and how it effects our day-to-day interaction ...
Published: Tuesday 22 June, 2004
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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